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December 27, 2016

i had it once
but let it go
to dream, to chase
youth’s quid pro quo

it reappeared
a time or two
but older then
i’d work to do

and as approached
my middle years
while conquering
my greatest fears

came face to face
with it once more
yet let it pass
as if unsure

till age arrived
to find me scared
of feelings held
but undeclared

which, withered now
reveal a cost
beyond the prize
of any lost

as i grieve not
for what was then
but dread, instead
it comes again


liar, liar

July 8, 2016

liar, liar, pants on fire
you knew all along
how and what you shared by phone
was very clearly wrong

liar, liar, you told us
you had no idea
what was secret, what was not
wasn’t really clear
liar, liar, you came clean?
nothing was held back?
turns out they’ve found plenty more
for terrorists to hack

liar, liar, just one phone?
used to help save time?
sounds like you just fibbed a bit
to help conceal a crime

liar, liar, never fear
praise the FBI
even though you broke the law
they’ve got no case to try

liar, liar, pants on fire
can’t say it’s surprising
yet for all, on either side
it’s so demoralizing   

in donation

June 17, 2016

in the wake of hatred’s ignorance
a trail of blood has stretched for blocks
flowing from the heart of unseen wounds
to plastic bags filled with hope and healing

tired, hot, and hungry – it waits
offering itself, body by body
purely human in essence and gesture
yet divine in its life-sustaining nature

it is us; stripped bare to the soul
in tearful flight past race, creed, and gender
to the arms of brothers and sisters unknown
holding each other, as families do

here, amidst this selfless sacrifice
walks the Creator, unrecognizable
inspiring as much by his presence
as by his brief but powerful anonymity

the anti social media

February 1, 2016

the masses, in mobs unruly
once the basest of our nature
tending blind toward fear and hate
are now trending obsolete

consumed by new technology
overwhelmed by those within
they fall bitter, broken pieces
to their lowest and most common

from these fractured empty remnants
self empowered and entitled
come new voices, unrestrained
without conscience or consensus

in their words, the angst of impulse
runs so roughshod over reason
it dwarfs the worst intentions
of a torch-lit pitchfork horde

no empathy, no sympathy
no debate or paused reflection
need delay these brand new statesmen
to the market-share that makes them

from their fringe of isolation
they flow easy to a mainstream
which now ‘friends’ to keep its status
all a twitter with live feeds

disconnected, disconcerted
our humanity, so fleeting
finds this evil entertaining
in its well-liked viral form

and our face-to-face discussions
ever brief in their duration
are consigned to tears and questions
as society erodes

memories of a distant sky

September 29, 2014

a morning sky so blue
van gogh would bleed the hue
and bare but for that light
which takes the soul of night

life rising to these hours
amidst these metro towers
may first have missed the sight
of smoking gray and white

a thick and billowed spout
from stories up poured out
or so it seemed to me
at distant memory

a fear, it gripped at first
that known, that we dread worst
and stopped upon my heart
what healing time could start

compelled, i closer drew
till what came into view
was merely nature’s shroud
a bloated, shaded cloud

a storm, but not yet here
positioned to appear
as if some fireball
igniting heaven’s fall

a vision, dark and lost
of innocence, its cost
and knowledge gained in years
where fell too many tears

looking down

May 30, 2014

have you ever been driving
on the interstate
bumper to bumper at 65

screaming at some idiot
who changed lanes
struggling against an Egg McMuffin

i used to do it all the time
my own mind racing
toward some challenge or confection

moving further and further along
putting distance
between life and its consequences

you have to do that, you know
keep going, eyes up
like the Flying Wallendas used to

there’s too much for the mind below
in the excess weight
of cancerous growths and hesitation

they coexist with our necessities
but we barely notice
provided we follow that one simple rule

and i had, save for the moments
when a loved one fell
adhered, walking with my head in the clouds

walking without fear…or understanding
reaching for the stars
till my journey had felt near its pinnacle

there, from a supposed lofty perch
i just wanted to see
how far, how high, how meaningful the trip

so i did, and i can see it all now
with new clarity
though i rarely find the courage to leave my room

a bridge from darkness

September 21, 2013

death takes much
but memories
reside inside a part of me

a vision, full
of sight and sound
of life, of love, no less profound

than secrets shared
between our hearts
whose joys and tears, in equal parts

serves to form
a sacred bond
a bridge from darkness to the dawn


September 24, 2012

what do you see
as left to me
what was, what is
or what will be

a life now past
time run at last
to far from you
to know how fast

too soon, my lust
my faith, my trust
my loving friends
all turned to dust

though you deny
the reason why
it bothers you
to see me cry

you still belong
so it feels wrong
to stop, to stare
then move along

for what you see
when you see me
makes you wonder
what will be

youth: in memoriam

May 13, 2009

the savagery revealed
in unprovoked assault
leads the soul to question
the breadth and depth of fault

whether evil lies
in action or intent
whether it is weakness
or strength to which hell’s bent

where do we place blame
for wanton reckless deeds
but videos and cell phones
but life’s deliberate speed

and who is to inherit
when meek is done away
by latch-key absentees
whose children are at play.


January 15, 2009



the inner workings of my mind

at last have failed me

there is no explanation for my pain

no drug, no counsel that can save me


from this, there is no recovery

and I perish

a hapless prisoner of thoughts I conceived

in misguided attempts to soothe my soul


forgive me my Lord, I mean not

disrespect in death

but I am now so lost by my own hand

as to imagine I cause you anguish


Heaven, rescue me in my fall

I will serve you better

in another form, another life

if I be given opportunity


and save my friends, my family

from tears for my passing

they know not the loss would be to live

if I cannot live to bring you joy





pitiful creature, tell me

did I create you?

give you life to have it rejected

with excuses laid at my own gates?


what presumptuous liberty

you take in your act

assuming I cannot bear the weight

of the petty suffering you endure


do you not recognize me?

I am your family

whose unnecessary tears fall without end

for all who would condemn their own soul


wake from your foolish self-absorption

let your fiery speech

consume the wounded phoenix within you

and your soul rise quickly from its ashes


none but fools pray for their next life

lest there be no next

for your journey requires this trial

you serve none in your flight from its pain  





what? Is it the devil himself

who speaks so harshly?

where is your forgiveness in these words?

do I not deserve the whole of your love?


no doubt you can carry my burden

with the greatest of ease

does that make my pain any less to me?

none in my family would speak so


my only sin is weakness

of mind, of heart

and I alone cannot be blamed for this

as it is a congenital defect


I seek nothing from you but love

and you chastise me?

why create such a “pitiful creature”?

what cause moved your hand to my creation?


who is the fool in this adventure?

the helpless child

or the Almighty parent who reared him?

dare I say, “Look onto thyself” to God? 





sadness, not anguish, do you bring

with your rebuke

no further interference shall you receive

from your quest for eternity’s sleep


but know first from what you suffer

was not born within

some unseen master plan of Heaven

nor my ambition for any soul created


you were made by experience

a child of free will

who chose love, but had not yet obtained it

who chose wisdom, but had not yet found it


in life, your path was my pride

your journey, my joy

each now taken from me by your own hand

as is the priceless soul they would have spawned


as for forgiveness, I dare not say

you take more than you know

your loss of faith is of such a magnitude

it is a wonder we are not both lost