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evolutionary theory

August 22, 2011

i don’t question evolution
or think that much about it
science having long decreed
there’s little room to doubt it

after all the fantasy
and dogma of religion
from adam’s rib to virgin birth
leaves logic in a tailspin

there’s noah’s massive floating zoo
the parting of a raging sea    
and one man raises from the dead
four days after he had ceased to be

the reasoned mind cannot rely
on myths for its creation
but thankfully our research 
has since found the explanation

14 billion years ago
we started off with nothing
then, through spontaneity
we ended up with something

this something then exploded
though no one knows just why
and time and space expanded
through a nonexistent sky

forces worked on particles
till elements created
then organized, by chance it seems
to forms which we’re related   

makes you wonder, doesn’t it
how Einstein could still cater
to such ancient foolish thoughts
as those of a Creator.


quantum mechanics

August 18, 2011

wading in the quantum sea
as tides of possibility
rise and fall quite randomly
into my reality

watching as the waves collapse
my consciousness is swimming laps
across a cosmic length synapse
slowly shaping new whitecaps

in response, uncertainty
raises storms upon the sea
altering its chance decree
if only by some slight degree  

till at last this surf-tossed brew
breaks into a sweet calm blue
and those dreams I’ve held close to
gently drift into my view