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my prayer

December 9, 2010

thank you for this day of life
these gifts of breath and consciousness
of will and that perceptiveness
experience translates to growth

thank you for the beauty shared
in nature’s blue-green mystery
compelling curiosity
to look, to wonder, and to dream

thank you for those lives since past
whose virtue, heart, and sacrifice
survive their mortal, frail device
in freedom and discovery

and for friends now here with me
whose strength is mine without request
whose weakness has revealed my best
may they know faith, and peace, and love

thank you for your guiding hand
the inspiration you provide
the burdens that you cast aside
and for the rise of each new sun

leading me to peace of mind
to character, humility
to courage and the sympathy
to serve that purpose yet unknown

and the strength to free, forgive
those memories of errors past
regardless of whose hand first cast
the stone upon this shared glass house

thank you for the gift of faith
my happiness, security
good health and loving family
who were, and are, your stewards here

and thank you for your gracious love
first among divinity’s gifts
source of the very soul it lifts
to glimpse the promises of heaven

may mercy conquer suffering
may truth, and love, and common sense
prevail before the consequence
of all our conflicts come to pass

and may you know my gratitude
for every second, every day
before my time has passed away
and we are reunited.