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July 26, 2013

old is something past our time
like a verse, a phrase, or rhyme
without meaning
though expressed in words sublime

toward its majesty we gaze
sensing greatness, we laud praise
not exploring
but ignoring
what it means to us these days

and we listen, or pretend
though we never comprehend
once great sages
till our age is
so much closer to its end


too big

July 25, 2013

i don’t belong here
than any other

walking with his head
in clouds
through these texting
sexting crowds

though i look out
all they see
is an obstacle
in me

born a bit too big
it seems
for the present’s thoughts
and dreams

tripping, slipping
over small
till i’m overwhelmed
and fall

post mortem

July 16, 2013

two fought
one shot
six decide

race, hate
fear, fate
all decried

yet, still
ill will
seems implied

more by
to divide

than in
the sin
since denied

what it is

July 11, 2013

what it is, i can’t say
or, in truth, i won’t
which, if put another way
means i do, but don’t

stop, and stay, away from here
i’m lost, but still i know
what i want, from you is clear
to me, you have to go

wait, no longer, should you now
want this prohibition
break, and keep, your solemn vow
my heart, your soul, ambition

follow me, to lead the way
will guide us, from above
as simple, and as understood
as any, we hold love

dear judge…

July 1, 2013

it’s just a robe, it’s not a crown
you’re not divine or wiser
the only thing
you share with kings
is need of an advisor

so slow the edicts, harsh demands
take counsel of your purpose
to oversee
as referee
this process meant to serve us

remember first the litigants
who’ve waited for their day
deserve, expect
your full respect
and treat them each that way

listen, question, think it through
your impulse and presumption
will only skew
a fair review
don’t trust in mere assumption

your thoughts, opinions, schedules
are secondary now
to law, to us
the public’s trust
and your own solemn vow

to part with petty, angry, self
put justice before all
bring truth to light
and wrong to right
though your own heavens fall