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let no evil be done

March 13, 2014

some things are right
some things are wrong
and some are forgiven
so all get along

but no evil done
by word or by deed
is saved by its cause
its excuse, or its need

its moral, or not
its gains put aside
for candor and conscience
to dictate, decide

and lost is the cause
where truth lets us fall
for deceit in pursuit
is no justice at all



March 13, 2014

there’s a shadow on my wall
harbingers of evil crawl
from out between
some place unseen
a thing, obscene
is birthed, takes shape, and slowly sprawls

on my tired mind it preys
infecting it with such malaise
it soon agrees
to serve, appease
this foul disease
as so many do these days

no one notices at all
just how deep a thought can fall
in such cases
in those places
dark embraces
every aspect of the soul

this is life returned to dust
stirred by baser needs than lust
the absence of
a god above
of dreams, of love
where the infinite is crushed

here, the task is to endure
to survive the daily chore
in the breathing
knowing, feeling
of this being
till the heart can take no more

why bears don’t chew gum

March 6, 2014

over there, was a bear
fuzzy bear, full of hair
and he stared
way too long
at the bubble gum tree

it was rare, for a bear
to be there, they’re aware
no one shared
any fruit
from the bubble gum tree

why go there? there’s no lair
stupid bear, shouldn’t dare
no one cared
for his kind
at the bubble gum tree

the affair put a scare
in the square, and the bear
said his prayers
as a mob
neared the bubble gum tree

then i swear, the whole air
filled with blare, filled with glare
and the bear
with the bubble gum tree

now no bear, stands by there
there’s no hair, there’s no stare
just despair
where once stood
the last bubble gum tree

twinkle, twinkle

March 2, 2014

twinkle, twinkle, little star
i still wonder what you are
all our petty science sees
leaves us still such mysteries

up above my world so high
atoms fusing in the sky
forging life sustaining space
light years from this time and place

like the blazing sun of earth
your existence traced from birth
tells us something of design
but not all to why you shine

we, mere travelers in the dark
born ourselves from some great spark
marvel in the deep of night
drawn to distant points of light

questioning our hearts, our souls
wishing on our dreams and goals
sensing there is magic still
a voice, a source, a god, a will

twinkle, twinkle, little star
though i know not what you are
long as you shall shine your light
i will say my prayers each night