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August 29, 2014

she’s a rush of dopamine
a pseudo-psychedelic
every inch a wicked sin
conformed to the angelic

such belladonna beauty
it makes innocence of lust
as if passion and desire
sparked our origin from dust

all those raptured dreams of youth
shining brightly in her eyes
rediscovered like the stars
as the sun departs the skies

what you want to be, you are
with a whisper from those lips
unencumbered by life’s shadow
like the moonlight each eclipse

she holds shelter from the doubt
and the weight of everyday
in a smile, an emotion
she inspires as conveys

perhaps it’s all perception
but if so, then what i see
are reflections of the beauty
that her own revealed in me


the shadow knows

August 25, 2014

that shadow of despair
it lingers everywhere
in search of doubt
and those without
the hope of faith or prayer

i saw it yesterday
approaching to survey
the hallowed grounds
of those in gowns
whose rules we must obey

it stayed there quite a while
i even saw it smile
each time intent
and punishment
were hard to reconcile

it measured every fool
to every broken rule
as if to wait
on one whose fate
the gods would ridicule

but when the fools were gone
the shadow lingered on
as if some sin
remained within
it chose to wait upon


August 18, 2014

darkness bites
on moon lit nights
where long psychotic gazes

tear from dreams
such silent screams
as breath withheld amazes

writhing beast
its soul released
in flight from evil praises

cedes to strain
a blood lust reign
upon these lunar phases

then, its shape
it wanes, escapes
to something that portrays us

like the thing
i killed last spring
whose tears, at times, betrays us