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retiring lisa g.

September 27, 2015

these hallowed halls of justice
from foundation to their ends
are somewhat weakened now
by the immeasurable absence
of an enthusiastic wisdom

this absence is, in part, a happy loss
a celebration of achievement
in reward for the job well done
but still, a loss to the halls
and all who serve or seek therein

for at times unknown to many
the defeat of frustration
lay in one person’s humor, patience
and ability, with a touch
of Beatle-based philosophy

though the structure itself survives
moving its interchangeable parts
its stability, its shelter
rests upon such dedicated few
their departure is felt more deeply

those whose passion and commitment
quietly lift the spirit of this place
easing the burden carried by all
with a knowing encouragement
that inspires as it sustains

in their leaving, we are made less
but ever grateful for their gifts
in memories that strengthen us
seize our best, and let us believe
we might, one day, provide as much


the rally

September 4, 2015

i went to a rally
and no one was there
marching and screaming
in pleasant despair

demanding, insisting
their voices be heard
the absent pressed on
with hardly a word

their taunting, insulting
drew crowds all about
as less and less people
joined in to get out

their cause, well assured
statistically sound
so someone had said
or written, or found

there in the papers
as seen on t.v.
where no one can hear
and no one can see

the color-blind life
of innocence fall
to the soul and the sense
of no one at all

a discourse on equality

September 1, 2015

we here hold this truth self-evident
each life is born, created equal
worthy, whatever their words or deeds
to be adjudged equally under law

this, our constitution guarantees
as a birthright of its independence
an endowment of opportunity
eschewing lawlessness and oppression

therein lay the best of the principle
the even field for each to venture on
with protections both by and from
the government chosen to ensure it

what more serves a free society?
what value is it to hold one person’s worth
should not, regardless of their abilities
be thought more highly in some respect?

and of those abilities, what stirs them?
what inspires the best within us
if not the challenge, the competition
the chance to fail, and rise, and seek success?

what are hopes and dreams without this?
without the triumph over struggle
revealing we were more than we were told
perhaps more than we had dared to think

where do we dare so now, in this climate
so consciously cautious of any offense
where all who compete are called winners
for fear their fragile psyches fall to reality

where your race, your gender, or your creed
is spoken of before your skill or intellect
where your politics are the issue
rather than your ethics or leadership

pity those truly great today, yet unknown
whose gifts, unintentionally suppressed
by the civility of our correctness
lay dormant beneath entitlements

their potential, the wealth of a nation
divided by its lowest denominator
and squandered by misguided adherence
to ideals meant for its enhancement

for equality at birth and at law
is a right, serving all as it serves one
but equality in endless forms thereafter
ignores the best of our humanity

those skills, those gifts, acquired and revealed
through the trials and tribulations
of a life, not always fair, but enough
that true talent might rise to lift all