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in need of time

March 2, 2010

time, I need your help in this
to slow, to seal, this sweetest kiss
and hold it still
till cautious will
concedes there’s nothing here amiss

just lend each measured breath your pause
a moment more to weigh this cause
so quickly moved
by passions proved
it’s likely to conceal its flaws

so deep in thought? the clock replied
where once you stood so starry-eyed?
what happened to
the boy I knew
who rushed to love, arms open wide?

time, my friend, you’re so unfair
to criticize my use of care
you taught, I learned
if fate’s concerned
it’s always wisest to beware

fate? what matters, sir, are these?
you run about with whom you please
it’s so very
these choices should be made with ease

yes, I admit, it seems that way
but if love’s a game we play
the “why?”, “what for?”
is something more
and rests in all her eyes convey

relax, it’s just the side effect
of beauty, charm, and intellect
the great desire
such gifts inspire
is likely all those eyes reflect

tic tock man, forever wise
you have not looked into those eyes
for “what” is she
means less to me
than “who” I see and would so prize

it’s kindness, patience, charity
it’s faith, but curiosity
and more, my friend
those eyes portend
which set this now impassioned plea

then slowly drew her lips apart
as waiting for the clock to start
I felt him still
and knew his will
with deep conviction in my heart.