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in memory of summer

January 28, 2014

we are never quite ready for winter
or the absence of that warmth and light
revealed in nature’s nurturing season
to which we owe the gift of life

though there are often signs of early frost
the loss seems sudden, almost instant
and emptiness pervades, a silent void
giving distance to the cold and dark

time is suspended in this space
its healing hands slowly retreating
to the memories of summer’s past
to our stores of love and lessons learned

there, in the glow of sweet reflection
we glimpse divinity’s great purpose
the best of who we are and will be
through the eyes of one who dreamed it so

and though some sense of loss persists
as we trudge on through this icy snow
the burden to our souls feels lighter
as if swept up by the winds of heaven

till, at last, we see our strength return
coinciding with the rise of spring
and realize what the summer truly did
was help to find within us our own sun

for my good friends Jules and Nancy Cohn upon the passing of Nancy’s loving mother….