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creationism (revised)

March 26, 2019

deep within the marble…
lay David all unknown,
till a pair of loving hands
did violence to the stone;

labored was the sculptor
who brought to life this art,
taking what was common rock
and tearing it apart;

crushed like none before it,
broken, piece by piece,
surely did the marble wish
its agony to cease…

but, from devastation,
from cuts felt most unkind,
did the sculptor, in the rock,
an untold beauty find;

such is all creation…
a part of nature’s whole…
as endless as the tears she’ll shed
to carve a living soul.



February 26, 2019

it’s just a simple image,
developed instantly…
perceived in those first moments,
it’s the best it’s gonna be;

the problem is the camera…
it leaves you no control…
no depth, no breadth, no vision,
the picture isn’t whole;

but it’s still fun to take one,
to watch what first appears…
to revel in the promise
of what later disappears;

to hold it, and enjoy it,
if only for a day…
so long as you still realize,
it’s gonna fade away.

a purposeful life*

February 19, 2016

you’re vicious, you’re cold, and your mean
the nastiest soul ever seen
your death, as it nears
brings the devil to tears
at the thought that he’ll soon have a queen

in truth, it makes me feel bad
i’ve never seen satan so sad
and knowing he’ll dwell
in your version of hell
has slowly been driving him mad

the stories that surface suggest
he’s near suicidal at best
his hatred has waned
his evil looks feigned
and they claim he’s even confessed

turns out, for all i’ve complained
you might be as heaven’s ordained
a soulless cruel bitch
whose purpose or niche
has yet to be fully attained

*this work is fictional; striking resemblance to any person, living or dead, is purely coincidental.

a discourse on equality

September 1, 2015

we here hold this truth self-evident
each life is born, created equal
worthy, whatever their words or deeds
to be adjudged equally under law

this, our constitution guarantees
as a birthright of its independence
an endowment of opportunity
eschewing lawlessness and oppression

therein lay the best of the principle
the even field for each to venture on
with protections both by and from
the government chosen to ensure it

what more serves a free society?
what value is it to hold one person’s worth
should not, regardless of their abilities
be thought more highly in some respect?

and of those abilities, what stirs them?
what inspires the best within us
if not the challenge, the competition
the chance to fail, and rise, and seek success?

what are hopes and dreams without this?
without the triumph over struggle
revealing we were more than we were told
perhaps more than we had dared to think

where do we dare so now, in this climate
so consciously cautious of any offense
where all who compete are called winners
for fear their fragile psyches fall to reality

where your race, your gender, or your creed
is spoken of before your skill or intellect
where your politics are the issue
rather than your ethics or leadership

pity those truly great today, yet unknown
whose gifts, unintentionally suppressed
by the civility of our correctness
lay dormant beneath entitlements

their potential, the wealth of a nation
divided by its lowest denominator
and squandered by misguided adherence
to ideals meant for its enhancement

for equality at birth and at law
is a right, serving all as it serves one
but equality in endless forms thereafter
ignores the best of our humanity

those skills, those gifts, acquired and revealed
through the trials and tribulations
of a life, not always fair, but enough
that true talent might rise to lift all

here and gone

June 29, 2015

here is but a time
and borrowed at best
shared with the world
as divinity’s guest

something of promise
of purpose unknown
a seed grown to shade
those next to be sown

living and learning
as consciousness wakes
perceiving, conceiving
through which it partakes

of beauty, of wonder
of joy and of pain
to eternal enrichment
of heaven’s domain

and then there returned
as night becomes dawn
united once more
with all it thought gone

peace, within our time

March 5, 2015

its been nearly 80 years
since the voice of nations free
spoke the words of compromise
to the soul of tyranny

we learned then, with Chamberlain
no true peace can be achieved
at expense of principles
under threat or so aggrieved

who we are, what we believe
must not be the sacrifice
human rights and dignity
are not goods at any price

those who are and would be free
owe ourselves, posterity
exercise of that first right
through which freedom’s will ignites

let us speak, let all be heard
let our voices so oppose
those who threaten liberty
or dissent from which it grows

let the truth of history
in its darkest words and deeds
by this discourse, be so judged
till its tide of hate recedes

let our message not be lost
to convenience, want, or fears
though the path to peace be one
saddened by both loss and tears

lastly, let us not forget
lessons learned with deep regret
mere appeasement leads to crime
not to peace within our time

out there

February 7, 2015

there must be something out there
beyond what i can see
without it, there’s no wonder
no faith, no hope, just me

like visions of an angel
my childhood’s first view
of sights so strange and distant
of presence no less true

pursued but never captured
it holds its perfect state
inspiring this dreamer
to chase, participate

and search the whole world over
knowing all the while
i’m likely to discover
no more than God’s sweet smile

if i could change

October 27, 2014

if i could change the shade
the color of my skin
lose my faith, my heritage
and start anew again

those who now ignore me
or show me disrespect
might be moved to friendship
by changes i effect

they might judge me fairly
if i were more like them
so much less for each of us
to question or condemn

so much less for us to learn
from all whose paths we’ve crossed
as my soul and each it’s touched
would to this world be lost


September 16, 2014

for some, upon their leaving
an era seems at end
though history
speaks differently
of gallantry in men

the few so well accomplished
by wisdom and by deed
those following to lead

successful, not unrivaled
they shared with us the cost
of bravery
of victory
humanity and loss

despite their heavy burdens
available the same
to calm, to teach
to aid so each
might hope to reach their aim

revealing dedication
the role of sacrifice
that compromise
the soul belies
as time applies its vice

and in that very moment
assured their cause is won
reflect, retreat
concede defeat
to see true justice done

their names, at times, forgotten
their spirit lingers still
and at our best
our goals are blessed
by no less than their will

waking hungry 2014

July 9, 2014

little and weak
barely a squeak
creates his meek meow

unable to see
but faith has he
fed he will be, somehow