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February 19, 2013

marry, fuck, or kill him
the girls all play this game
they pick three guys
two live, one dies
each option gets a name

child’s play in theory
until a girl must choose
who they’d have kissed
from their friend’s list
and who they’d rather lose

the game can get quite nasty
so boys, don’t ask your role
whatever part
it’s sure your heart
got taken with your soul


a wayward fallen arrow

February 14, 2013

the evidence he drinks too much
is somewhere around 80 proof
and as many rounds as lovers
are inclined to pay for prospects

so it’s probably fair to say
the ambition and the aim
of this cherub in a diaper
is now less than Shakespeare found it

there’s the answer, should you seek it        
just a wayward fallen arrow
from a careless drunken angel
unexplained and unexpected

just a wayward fallen arrow
and i would, if so permitted
turn back time to shield you from it
though it changed my life for better

as i’ve felt so undeserving
of this gift your love has given
in its strength, and breath, and passion  
ever present and uplifting  

more than ever i had dreamed of
from a wayward fallen arrow
proof that flesh wounds can be mortal
when one angel shoots another