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from beneath the bed…

October 29, 2018

you remember, don’t you?
those dark nights, long ago
when you were so little
barely able to be alone

you knew me back then
you sensed me, felt me
even if no one else believed
you could hear the noises

all that tiny scratching
right beneath the mattress
the whispers, then silence
as i listened to your prayers

what a brave young soul
to endure me to sleep
facing such uncertainty
without your nightlight

time and again, together
until the fear left you
until you wanted to see
to explore, to embrace

to know who, what i was
chasing me into adventure
inspired and encouraged
to let your thoughts soar

soon, a part of everyday
we would find our time
even if we had to steal it
sneaking out of classes

a wondrous imagination
discovered in those travels
seized each new challenge
growing bolder, stronger

it gifted you with a belief
in the magic of tomorrow
a belief you took to heart
in pursuit of all desired

it brought you happiness
a joy shared with others
with me, at least at first
but it would bring more

individual opportunities
achievement, possessions
all those people and things
that fill up a crowded life

and, somewhere, i got lost
somehow less important
than all you now hold on to
despite my once critical role

but i’m not sad or angry
not at all, i understand
and i remain, if unnoticed
loyal, though much ignored

you have what you want
the car, the house, the job
you don’t need my means
while the ends are secured

and i’m still comfortable
sleeping beneath the bed
though i do miss my friend
which is why i still scratch

it must have woke you
i’m so sorry, what is it?
are those tears i see?
could it be i scared you?


how the devil does halloween…

October 24, 2018

i sense the fear within your heart
and revel as it’s growing
is it just me, or could it be
you’ve realized where we’re going
pretty thing, it’s such a waste
to fill those eyes with tears
or squander breath on screaming
as your chosen moment nears
calm yourself and take my hand
it’s destiny, not choice
surrender to the darkness
the void, the way, the voice
no more struggles, no more pain
this is what you wanted
this is why you called me forth  
from the depths i haunted
ready now, your soul to bare
your body for consumption
moments from the ecstasy
promised death’s presumption…
wait…it is all hallow’s eve
and i, as is tradition
must provide this one reprieve 
but with a harsh condition
if you dare, we’ll play a game
of trick or treat instead
and for your reese’s pieces 
you can keep your weary head


declining your ‘friend’ request

October 20, 2018

at times, i wish i felt differently
able to understand or ignore
what appears to me so frivolous
in your manner, speech, and thought

oblivious, disinterested, disengaged
or otherwise plainly preoccupied
by petty, passionless pursuits
in lieu of the risks occasioned by desire

on its face, your smile reflects a happy logic
removed from some degree of the daily dose
inflicted on those who go ‘all in’
bearing their wit, their heart, their soul

what ignorance you must imagine in us
who expose ourselves to these elements
these all-too-consuming ambitions
capable of crushing the hardiest of spirits

fools, racing along the edge of the abyss
daring to look down despite our fears
challenging the sovereignty of fate
with full knowledge of the likely outcome

beaten, bloodied, barely able to continue
we must look a horror – on our worst days
those few when you can look comfortably at us
without wondering, questioning, or dreaming



bad, bad judge

October 11, 2018

i don’t like you
no, i don’t
and tomorrow
i still won’t

you’re not nice
or even fair
it’s as if
you just don’t care

every thought
of you is sad
your decisions
are that bad

and you’ve made it
very clear
we’ll get nothing
while you’re here

and we’ll like it
so you say
while you take
our rights away

damn the victims
and the state
lady justice
can just wait

all that matters
is the view
you desire
to be true

you select it
and won’t budge
making you
a bad, bad judge