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if i could change

October 27, 2014

if i could change the shade
the color of my skin
lose my faith, my heritage
and start anew again

those who now ignore me
or show me disrespect
might be moved to friendship
by changes i effect

they might judge me fairly
if i were more like them
so much less for each of us
to question or condemn

so much less for us to learn
from all whose paths we’ve crossed
as my soul and each it’s touched
would to this world be lost



October 21, 2014

i wonder what’s there
when you smile at me
what you think you might know
what you think you might see
those thoughts left concealed
by life’s dull apathy

so sad, in a way
yet curious too
the silence, the calm
between me and you
and the speed, and the weight
of all that we do

still thoughts, they race on
to inspire, create
though the heart and the soul
withdraw, hesitate
preferring the ease
and the comfort of fate