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June 8, 2019

drip, drop, tick, tock, stop, go, wait;
live, die, can’t cry, stay strong, break;
yes, no, don’t know, next week, fate;
how long, how much, can this take?

good, bad, still, sad, rise, and fall,
breath, blood, hearts loved, each know all;
long views, faint news, leave us less,
maybe; mostly; it’s a guess;

tears, prayer, texts shared, primal scream;
nothingness is all it seems;
hanging, barely, from this ledge,
looking, downward, off the edge;

faith, fear, unclear, either way,
what is, what was, like love, stays;
with us, always, never gone,
every heart we hold lives on.

time to go

June 2, 2019

your only claim to innocence
is rooted in such recklessness
its disregard of common sense
precludes it as a fair defense;

whatever your deficiency,
your childhood, your injury,
it’s no excuse for you to be
this drain on our humanity;

we sat by, we tolerated,
while you wrongful berated
those more skilled or highly rated
with some falsehood you created;

we were foolish to ignore it,
to not punish you then for it,
but felt sorry for a misfit,
and believed you’d surely quit it;

but you didn’t, you got angry…
you got meaner and just nasty,
which would leave us in a quandary,
if today were not your last day…