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a look back at the future

December 30, 2011

a new year approaches
and chases the last
from present reflections
to memories past

what will stay with you?
what have you learned?
what was accomplished
by all that you earned?

whose life is better
for choices you made?
what character traits
of yours were displayed?

did you find the time
to sing or to dance?
did you laugh? did you cry?
did you take a real chance?

what did you hope for
just twelve months ago?
was it gained? did it change?
did the quest help you grow?

and what do you wish for
in the year now ahead?
to accomplish a dream?
or to share one instead?

interesting questions
whose answers, in part
form new resolutions
for a promising start

happy new year to all!!!  



December 26, 2011

she’s only six, but she can see
the rolling waves upon the sea
meet against the endless sky
and for the first time, wonder why
our eyes deceive us as they do
knowing something more is true

say what?

December 23, 2011

faith is essential
knowledge is power
ignorance, bliss
and wisdom its flower

nothing is sacred
it’s all a cliché
the truth being more  
than words can convey

it’s not what we promise
it’s what we believe
that dictates the value   
of all we achieve

for life is intent
in search of a goal
a journey, by heart
from the mind to the soul

an ode to new prosecutors

December 16, 2011

congratulations, welcome
we’re thrilled to have you start
there’s no time to explain things
but there’s much we need impart

stand here just a moment
ignore the moldy air
it rarely causes cancer
though a few have lost their hair

the flood across the hallway
means the sewer line is cracked
the smell is quite annoying
but the structure’s still intact

now let’s review your docket
there’s sixty cases set
but you’ve still got ten minutes
no need to worry yet

the fingerprints? confessions?
they’ve probably been suppressed
and most of your detectives
have a pending new arrest

but killers, thieves, and rapists
prefer to shift the blame
by calling you a liar
and slandering your name

for all this stress and anguish
we’d offer you a raise
but budgetary cutbacks
mean tougher times these days

everything’s in short supply
from gratitude to patience
except for growing case loads
and parking lot citations

as witness to survival
of this system gone astray
victims turn to you now
to make it work each day

so if you have the courage
the wisdom, and the heart
to stand by your convictions
then welcome and take part.

a lasting kiss

December 12, 2011

somewhere in the moment
your lips first touched to mine
a gentle loving smile
crept upon the face of time

and he whispered in the darkness
‘cross the distance we call space
so together these dimensions
might hold fast to our embrace

in the instant, all drew quiet
as life’s hurried motion ceased
its weight, its doubt, its worry
from our souls at once released

through the stillness of forever
we kissed eternity
no past or future touching on
its present memory

though the world has since resumed
and the miles turned to days
the moment lingers constant
with the thoughts our hearts conveyed

and we, at times, so far apart
when weak, or in despair
seek shelter in the knowledge               
we’ll find each other there