the lion’s prayer

April 8, 2019

fear, my friend, come stand by me,
share what dangers here may be;
stir me till my heart’s unsure
how much more it dare endure;

let me question, if i might,
if i will survive this fight;
if the odds are not so great,
if defeat’s as sure as fate;

hold me till i start to shake,
till my soul’s about to break,
till my weakness is revealed
in that common thought to yield;

take me to this very brink,
leave me barely time to think,
such that wisdom, strength, and skill,
are but implements of will…

then shall mine, if just the cause,
in that momentary pause,
from your grip, be dispossessed,
rising to my very best.


creationism (revised)

March 26, 2019

deep within the marble…
lay David all unknown,
till a pair of loving hands
did violence to the stone;

labored was the sculptor
who brought to life this art,
taking what was common rock
and tearing it apart;

crushed like none before it,
broken, piece by piece,
surely did the marble wish
its agony to cease…

but, from devastation,
from cuts felt most unkind,
did the sculptor, in the rock,
an untold beauty find;

such is all creation…
a part of nature’s whole…
as endless as the tears she’ll shed
to carve a living soul.


March 23, 2019

a passing thought,
too often caught,
remains and chains
the mind…

it holds it still
and bends its will,
till one’s begun
to find…

some small detail,
or rabbit trail,
is key to see
it all…

and, half insane,
the weary brain,
it breaks, and takes
a fall.


March 10, 2019

i can’t write
about last night,
it would sound
too dull, too trite;

words hold less
than i’d profess,
if my thoughts
a voice possessed;

though my will
compels me still
to compose
at least until…

i can see
past memory
and conceive
of what might be.

the annoyed millennial

March 7, 2019

dinosaurs are not supposed to dance,
not with those big, old, heavy feet;
what do they need to party about for?
this isn’t their world, their time or age;

hey you…t-rex…what’s with the mambo?
go park your tail on some other floor…
there are mammals working it in here;
a future civilization is to be fertilized;

seriously, what’s the fossil fascination?
are these girls blind? relics don’t dance…
not like us – no speed, no flash, no style,
it’s all staring, smiling, turning together;

get off the ancient pedestal sweetheart…
you’d look just as good on my right arm,
even if it can’t quite open a pickle jar…
or steady you through awkward steps…

ode to a pinned rose

February 28, 2019

i can see you in the mirror,
so i know that you’re still there…
i admit that i’m still frightened,
but it’s not the same real scare;

if you want me, then come get me,
i’m now ready for this fight…
i might lose, but that’s still winning
if i’ve figured this thing right;

you’re a monster, so you tell me,
but i think it’s all a ruse…
like most bullies, you’re a coward,
and afraid you’ll likely lose;

you took blood, and tears, and feeling,
you took sleep, and sight, and hair,
made me angry, often hateful
to the point i didn’t care;

and you left me in a tunnel
where i figured i would die…
but i didn’t, though i should have,
just to leave you there to cry;

cause without me, you’d be nothing
but the image of a fool…
a reflection of the weakness
that compelled you to be cruel.


February 26, 2019

it’s just a simple image,
developed instantly…
perceived in those first moments,
it’s the best it’s gonna be;

the problem is the camera…
it leaves you no control…
no depth, no breadth, no vision,
the picture isn’t whole;

but it’s still fun to take one,
to watch what first appears…
to revel in the promise
of what later disappears;

to hold it, and enjoy it,
if only for a day…
so long as you still realize,
it’s gonna fade away.

i fell for you

February 18, 2019

i know you know,
you know i do..
it’s not my fault
i fell for you;

or that i saw
what all can see,
and recognized
its worth to me;

the breadth, the depth,
the thoughtful soul,
the craziness
that makes you whole;

wherever else
true beauty lies,
in you, its best
is full and wise…

as much as true…
though not for me,
for your sweet love
i will not be.

i know you know,
i’m glad you do…
and gladder still
i fell for you.

things will be just fine

February 13, 2019

let’s agree to disagree,
to part as less than friends;
to tactfully – but honestly
concede how this thing ends.

you’re beautiful, you’re wonderful,
at least in your own mind;
and i would not, in any way,
speak ill of one so blind.

if anything i said or did
appeared to you unfair,
please believe it meant no more
than i had ceased to care.

your happiness is all i want,
so long as i keep mine;
you need only choose to leave –
and things will be just fine.


February 10, 2019

i wondered why, but still don’t know…
i chose instead to let it go.

i guess the thought of what might be…
does, at times, mean more to me.

more than being right, or wise,
or revealing foolish lies…

as if the truth, if it were told,
bare, and straight, and hard, and cold…

might be less than what it seems…
when it’s tested by our dreams.