why i quit the devil

January 13, 2019

i was working for the devil
selling one-way trips to hell
earning priestly sums of money
from a Sunday-school cartel
whose devotion to its dogma
had made Christ an infidel
but the souls it put in peril
were too righteous to rebel

i was feeding off the fortunes
of my latest ticket sold
when a child of that purchase
standing barely six years old
came upon me with a trinket
with an image etched in gold
and he offered this, his idol
as if prophecy foretold

for this precious metal portrait
with four words upon its seal
all he wanted was a ticket
so to follow his ideal
he was calmed by our agreement
though its promise was surreal
as if nothing meant so much
as the thought the thought is real

just a trinket, just a treasure
just a bargain, plainly made
just to reunite a child
with a parent who had strayed
yet i hesitated briefly
as i thought about my trade
and the cost to all with knowledge
of the price that would be paid

i was working for the devil
and till then i had no qualm
i saw faith as a religion
i thought love its healing balm
but i never knew belief
or felt passion in such calm
as within this child’s treasure
and the words, “i love you, mom


go dog, go

January 6, 2019

go dog, go
good as it was
was the first
to give me cause

blue cars, red
and yellow, green
made me think
of sights unseen

made me want
another book
made me take
a closer look

made me see
beyond the page
wisdom lies
as well as age

taught me well
to chase a dream
love and laugh
at times, extreme

touch the earth
but feel the stars
be a part
for all is ours

ours to keep
if we so choose
in as much
as we still use

go dog, go
chase fantasy
all you are
inspires me

inspired by the 1961 children’s book by P.D. Eastman

common sense

December 21, 2018

if you did, but you won’t
then you should, though you don’t
which why, what could be
is still less than you see

so perhaps, start again
take a look, now and then
at the sea, at the sky
and reflect, and ask why

as you did, once before
on that walk, on the shore
overwhelmed, from above
with a deep tranquil love

and a sense, all your own
that you’re never alone
for your heart, like your soul
is but part of one whole

in the spirit of the holidays

December 16, 2018

the reason for the season, they say
is most often expressed in spirit
a faith in something greater than we are
a shared belief in more than ourselves

if we disagree on certain unknowns
as to just who, or when, or how
we seem to understand the larger why
at least – if only – for a little while

embracing the best we wish for all
for ourselves, our friends, our families
acknowledging the good in our fortunes
ahead of the struggles we face daily

we are, at times, what we hope to be
devoted to our ideals and aspirations
without ignoring the needs of others
especially those we love and care for

the perspective is not a new one
we have all gained it at other times
but those are usually times of loss
times first accompanied by sadness

this moment, this one time of year
we are gifted with our truest vision
sight of what is, and what could be
absent the weight of loss to obscure it

and we revel, each in our own way
in the wonder of all not yet understood
in those dreams, and schemes, and magic
which gave us hope when life did not

and we hold them close, like children
listening to a choir sing ‘silent night’
wholly unaware as the darkness falls
conceding itself to brightly colored lights

the truth about chicken little

December 9, 2018

chicken little told a lie
all about a falling sky
posted how the world would end
tweeted it to every friend

caused a panic nationwide
instagram and facebook fried
hours passed before the ruse
was declared to be fake news

in the time it took to fix
every nasty post and pix
meant for only certain eyes
found their way to other guys

little claims he thought it true
frightened by what acorns do
that’s the story he’s since sold
but the truth’s not yet been told

those who knew of little’s feed
have, though privately, agreed
what few followers it had
thought him lonely and quite sad

so to give the feed a start
foxy loxy played a part
by suggesting little fib
with a nature-based ad-lib

turkey lurkey did design
photo-shopping pix online
never thinking how naïve
certain followers believe

so the lesson here, i guess
is a caution, more or less
to the users of the net
what you post, is what you get

dear death

December 8, 2018

dear death, i know you’re busy
but somewhere on your list
at some appointed moment
a name, i think, was missed

i’m guessing it’s the person
who’s sitting here with me
the one who can’t stop talking
who won’t just let me be

it’s clear to all who listen
this person’s time has come
such misery has rarely
consumed a mind so numb

the agony inflicted
with every single word
should have caught your ear by now
but somehow you’ve not heard

so please, as is your calling
i beg you to stop by
unless, of course, you’re waiting
and it’s my turn to die

liar, liar, vol. 2

December 3, 2018

the ubiquitous version

liar, liar, don’t you know
everyone can tell
nothing you’re concealing
is hidden all that well

liar, liar, it’s not true
all those claims you make
you did next to nothing
for the credit you now take

liar, liar, all you have
threatens you to leave
if you should forget a thread
you’ve woven to deceive

liar, liar, do you sleep
with the aid of pills
or is it the alcohol
you started with for thrills

liar, liar, honestly
you’ve been really bad
so when karma comes to call
the truth is we’ll be glad

liar, liar, rising star
shining now so bright
all will be revealed within
that very same hot light

the hammer of the gods, vol. 1

November 28, 2018

(when the levee breaks)

as the hammer of the gods
dropped its weight on bonzo’s drum
johnny blue began to flow
into vodka, gin, and rum

on a loop, the levee broke
to a steady, driving beat
while a circle all aflame
filled the room with passion’s heat

and a goddess unsurpassed
poured her whispers of desire
through the chakras to the soul
till the flesh could feel its fire

till the body, self-consumed
had no choice but to obey
to surrender to the will
of the goddess as she prey

with a deep and burning kiss
she laid bare a wanton need
one repeated as i knelt
that upon her i should feed

and the hammer, it struck on
to a weeping, wailing, moan
ever louder, ever deeper
till it nearly bruised the bone

till upon the twisting tongue
dripped a honey, bittersweet
to constant craving rush
to a luscious drowning treat

to a tearing, to a thrust
a carnivorous embrace
as the hammer, it struck on
ever stronger in its pace

till the heart began to gasp
for a fading, failing breath
with an omnipresent fear
of a fast approaching death

when the goddess, she collapsed
in a torrent fit of screams
whose bewitching bayed refrain
will forever haunt my dreams


November 21, 2018

that time has come once again
to reach out to family and friends
to share what is best
what is loved, what is blessed
to strengthen, to bond, and to mend

each year, some spirits will stray
some hopes, some dreams, slip away
but joined with whole hearts
those lost make new starts
as a part of what’s given this day

for whether you have or have not
it’s likely the best of your lot
is better defined
by your peace of mind
than anything else that you’ve got

and the greatest of gifts to receive
inspires the soul to believe
it can and it will
someday fulfill
the dreams it seeks to achieve

on my collar

November 8, 2018

i’m your basic junkyard dog
a guardian, not friend
i’m here for your protection
and trained to serve that end

i don’t play, i’m not a pet
i have no pedigree
what i do is dangerous
so stay away from me

you will hear my praises sung
my deeds, some catalogue
most of what you hear is true
i am a real ‘good dog’

but being good is not the same
as being kind or nice
you can love me all you want
but please take this advice…

those who choose to get too close
will find it a mistake
possibly, regrettably
the very last they make