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April 10, 2017

my eyes, though they chose not to see
my voice, though it chose not to speak
my heart, whose call, so long ignored
had grown so distant, worn, and weak

would each, whatever be their fate
have all my hesitations closed
if only what you now reveal
my thoughts could even have supposed

but as it is, you’re first to see
and first to speak, instead of me
the one to ask both if and why
what none should doubt or now deny

my love, those words i left unsaid
the ones you speak, the way you feel
the passions, hopes, and dreams you’ve shared
are part of me and no less real

what seemed a fantasy, instead
from all life’s crucible had wrought
was you, possessed of all you are
would give me more than passing thought


without words

March 15, 2016

the sweetest sounds i’ve ever heard
have not involved a single word
their very truth therein did lie
that none would so, within a sigh

a single gentle breath released
to hope where hopes have long since ceased
drawn from dreams so oft star-crossed
desire has itself been lost

till, in whispers, all it seeks
through unconscious beauty speaks
recognizing instantly
what was ‘never’, might now be

listen close, it’s life you’ll hear
its wonder, magic, crystal clear
slipped from lips, once passion sealed
broken as the soul’s revealed