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an ode to new prosecutors

December 16, 2011

congratulations, welcome
we’re thrilled to have you start
there’s no time to explain things
but there’s much we need impart

stand here just a moment
ignore the moldy air
it rarely causes cancer
though a few have lost their hair

the flood across the hallway
means the sewer line is cracked
the smell is quite annoying
but the structure’s still intact

now let’s review your docket
there’s sixty cases set
but you’ve still got ten minutes
no need to worry yet

the fingerprints? confessions?
they’ve probably been suppressed
and most of your detectives
have a pending new arrest

but killers, thieves, and rapists
prefer to shift the blame
by calling you a liar
and slandering your name

for all this stress and anguish
we’d offer you a raise
but budgetary cutbacks
mean tougher times these days

everything’s in short supply
from gratitude to patience
except for growing case loads
and parking lot citations

as witness to survival
of this system gone astray
victims turn to you now
to make it work each day

so if you have the courage
the wisdom, and the heart
to stand by your convictions
then welcome and take part.