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nothing’s lost

June 15, 2017

nothing worth keeping
is ever possessed
what’s offered for ‘ever’
is borrowed at best

like life, it exists
for a moment to share
then it leaves, as it must
whether proper or fair

so there’s nothing to take
and there’s nothing that’s lost
though the soul senses grief
and the heart bears its cost

each passes to wisdom
the next lesson learned
in which a best self
is revealed as its earned

what’s left of what’s gone
as we learn, as we grow
is the best of what was
among all we’ve seen go


a bridge from darkness

September 21, 2013

death takes much
but memories
reside inside a part of me

a vision, full
of sight and sound
of life, of love, no less profound

than secrets shared
between our hearts
whose joys and tears, in equal parts

serves to form
a sacred bond
a bridge from darkness to the dawn

upon your father’s passing

November 16, 2012

everything that we possess
in time, we know, will pass away
our gifts, our skills, our very lives
seem meant to serve a certain day

but that to which we give the world
survives us ever still
in thoughts, in hopes, in wistful dreams
some left for others to fulfill

a man is left no more, no less
then what he leaves behind
a legacy to that he loved
enough to leave mankind

how fortunate is one who lives
to see so many dreams come true
and know his legacy’s secured
through what he gave to us in you