the anti social media

the masses, in mobs unruly
once the basest of our nature
tending blind toward fear and hate
are now trending obsolete

consumed by new technology
overwhelmed by those within
they fall bitter, broken pieces
to their lowest and most common

from these fractured empty remnants
self empowered and entitled
come new voices, unrestrained
without conscience or consensus

in their words, the angst of impulse
runs so roughshod over reason
it dwarfs the worst intentions
of a torch-lit pitchfork horde

no empathy, no sympathy
no debate or paused reflection
need delay these brand new statesmen
to the market-share that makes them

from their fringe of isolation
they flow easy to a mainstream
which now ‘friends’ to keep its status
all a twitter with live feeds

disconnected, disconcerted
our humanity, so fleeting
finds this evil entertaining
in its well-liked viral form

and our face-to-face discussions
ever brief in their duration
are consigned to tears and questions
as society erodes


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