life is just too much today
a complicated mess
filled with aggravation
anxiety, distress

a sickness, a malaise
that nothing seems to ease
except for drugs whose side effects
are worse than most disease

to aid your heart, drop pressure
to breathe or grow some hair
you’re dizzy, vomit daily
or sink into despair

so we at ‘fixitol’
asked experts in the field
for one complete solution
through which all could be healed

and they supplied the answer
contained in just one pill
guaranteed to fix it all
end every single ill

you’ll never know depression
you’ll never suffer pain
you’ll never have to live
with anything again

your doctor sets the dose
considering your mood
it’s based on general health
and routine attitude

should something overwhelming
or horrible begin
you never have to do a thing
the drug will kick right in

so ask your doctor now
to fill out the release
end misery with ‘fixitol’
and finally rest in peace


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