retiring lisa g.

these hallowed halls of justice
from foundation to their ends
are somewhat weakened now
by the immeasurable absence
of an enthusiastic wisdom

this absence is, in part, a happy loss
a celebration of achievement
in reward for the job well done
but still, a loss to the halls
and all who serve or seek therein

for at times unknown to many
the defeat of frustration
lay in one person’s humor, patience
and ability, with a touch
of Beatle-based philosophy

though the structure itself survives
moving its interchangeable parts
its stability, its shelter
rests upon such dedicated few
their departure is felt more deeply

those whose passion and commitment
quietly lift the spirit of this place
easing the burden carried by all
with a knowing encouragement
that inspires as it sustains

in their leaving, we are made less
but ever grateful for their gifts
in memories that strengthen us
seize our best, and let us believe
we might, one day, provide as much


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