work product disclosures

it was midnight once
i think it was tuesday
although days don’t exist here
it’s all hours and cases

you can scream, i do
it doesn’t help
voices don’t leave here
after the cleaning crew

they just muffle
in a background din
as the papers pile up
and mock your misery

more stupid motions
whispering out loud
their ridiculous claims
crawling through your brain

fermenting consciousness
into some lesser form
some pathetic state
where all reason flees

scraping the barrel
as it deliriously rushes
past the vocal chords
inspired by a caffeine jolt

good morning your honor
yeah, we’re fucking ready…
how about you?
you get a good night’s sleep?

they tell me it’s important
to understand the ‘why’
for all these hearings
over who said ‘boo’ first

oh look…my battery died
too much data usage
rollover minutes
and roaming charges

good thing it’s disposable
and new ones are cheap
if you just sign up
gotta love these long term plans


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