what you want

it’s true, what you seek
you’ll most likely find
so perception can alter
your whole peace of mind

it’s not good, it’s not bad
till it’s judged so by you
with much left determined
by your point of view

it follows, it matters
what it is you desire
for it plays a role
in what you acquire

the question is this:
just what is your aim?
is it power? success?
or money? or fame?

or is it true friendship?
or do you seek love?
and why? what’s the cause
of all you dream of?

could it be, all you want
is based on one goal
one hope, to be happy
in your heart, in your soul

shouldn’t this then
be first to pursue?
and isn’t it largely
a choice left to you?

the future’s exciting
but as long as is bright
you should plan, think ahead
so each choice is made right

but remember it’s true
what you seek, you will find
and happiness, first
is to those so inclined

for Emily upon her graduation…


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