prosecutor’s never leave

you just want to walk away
turn your back to all this noise
every time
some new crime
has another life destroyed

you can barely do this job
overwhelmed by so much pain
endless files
constant trials
it’s a wonder we’re still sane

where the lack of thanks we get
is reflected every day
in the press
and distress
caused by critics and low pay

every error made is ours
not a victory to name
for what’s just
is not us
but the truth in what we claim

you would think i’d just be glad
that i’m leaving here today
but i’m not
what i’ve got
is a part that wants to stay

a part that raged in anger
a part that wept soft tears
shared with those
some felon chose
to fill with hate and fear

not a moment of it leaves me
it is permanent, this part
a life, a soul
each made whole
by this, my invincible heart


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