coke addict

she’s a delight, just ask her
a stellar colleague too
a model wife
whose perfect life
she’ll kindly share with you

and you’ll be better for it
she’ll give a guarantee
for she’s been blessed
if not possessed
by gifts that few have seen

so studious, so quiet
so diligent and sweet
not one cross word
is ever heard
from her she’s so discrete

her patience, everlasting
her contemplation, wise
she calms, she solves
as she resolves
to answer and advise

unless, of course, she’s drinking
that poison that she likes
she’s not serene
when Coke’s caffeine
has hit her and she spikes

which, to be quite honest
occurs most every day
so all her friends
demand, depend
on gear and combat pay

we don’t truly mind this
instead, we use it well
we pour a cup
and wind her up
to litigate like hell

that’s her secret weapon
her alter ego hero
that sweet and kind
can lose her mind
on nothing but Coke zero


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