it’s better we say what we mean
than say what we think should be said
this life is too brief
to suspend one’s belief
and let some poor fool be misled

in keeping with this need for truth
there’s something i think i should say
regarding your life
and most of the strife
you whine and complain of each day

it’s not that most people are cruel
or seek to find fault with your thought
it’s more that your brain
diseased and insane
has finally started to rot

your cortex for logic is gone
there’s damage to much of your sight
and what you don’t see
just happens to be
the difference between wrong and right

some chemical balance has slipped
erasing your concept of shame
your skill set’s age 3
it’s all tears, and anger, and blame

it seems as if most your friends
have left you or certainly will
there’s some who insist
you’ve now made the list
of people they’re willing to kill

it’s causing a rift between us
my options are sad, but they’re clear
feed you cyanide
commit suicide
or get out and run far from here


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