mirror, mirror

there is something more than missing
there is something more that lies
in the emptiness and sorrow
veiled but present in your eyes

it’s a future, ever tainted
by a vision of the past
of a tear, a scar, distortions
of the image in the glass

so you whisper, ‘mirror, mirror’
but it cannot let you see
any further than reflections
of what you believe to be

no one else can change perceptions
that control your point of view
still the mirror might have shown me
there is something I can do

take my hand, let’s stand together
in the mirror, look and see
not the person you’ve been viewing
but the one you’ve made of me

can you see it? all you’ve given
all the proof your soul denies
of the beauty, grace, and wonder
that, alone, the glass belies?


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