we who would be heroes

there’s a constant shadow

a darkened presence here

a form of some foreboding

a subtle shade of fear


life itself feels colder

on ever thinning skin

a sickness, a malaise

is spreading from within


tired and defeated

the many seek to cope

with endless empty promises

that fail to bring real hope


but fortunate are we

despite how much seems lost

that we may be the heroes

whose stars this time has crossed


we whose very flesh and blood

defeated tyranny

their ultimate in sacrifice

the reason we live free


we who now inherit

their legacy of will

have an obligation

a duty to fulfill


to calm, to aid, to carry

inspire and to lead

to do more than required

for comrades now in need


the future’s undecided

but time, it slips away

so we who would be heroes

best show ourselves today


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