tension is a tease tonight

I feel it in your kisses

breaking intermittently

twixt whispers of your wishes


conscious, deep, staccato breaths

sustain unsteady gaits

moving us along the wall

as anxious passion waits


tripping, slipping, fumbling

amid the magic act

of shedding all our cloth restraints

desires still in tact


awkwardly we dance these steps

into a quiet room

a place of warmth and comfort

where love may be consumed


smiles melt to subtle stares

intentions focus in

responding to each other’s touch

upon warm tender skin


kisses grow in eagerness

in depth, intensity

a playful nip, a lip, an ear

set inhibitions free


appetites increasing

as gently we recline

feasting on each other

our bodies intertwine


from life-giving gifts we taste

draw pleasure’s sweet release

insatiable desires

persist in acts to please


in ultimate expression

raw, rough, and unrelieved

a primal form of ecstasy

is physically achieved


through union we bond endlessly

to consummate a love

conceived in Eden’s garden

with blessings from above



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