return of the ripper

I must have walked these thoroughfares

some centuries ago

a taste for blood upon my lips

an evil now well known


these alleyways and corners

these empty lonely streets

I sense they were my feeding ground

my butcher shop of meets


you were just a child then

a trusting, loving soul

who offered me your wounded heart

then played the victim’s role


the deepest cut was that struck first

though each drew darker red

I bathed in all your tender warmth

and reveled as you bled


when you outlived your usefulness

your body drained and cold

I left your pieces to the dregs

the starving, weak, and old


I knew nothing then of love

consumed by basic lust

until the day my body died

my all reduced to dust


no measure of a soul was found

no lessons had I learned

this surely was the reason

I since was here returned


I knew not of my past deeds

when next you came my way

with beauty of such magnitude

it took my breath away


your essence filled a void in me

and I began anew

seeking warmth in different form

through my true love for you


but something strange and secret

kept you and I apart

I felt a coolness to your touch

reflected in your heart


“close, but not that close,” you said

words echoing a fear

at once I recognized your stare

as holding back a tear


your disposition and its cause

preoccupied my mind

no reason could you offer me

nor any could I find


until the nightmares started

those brutal memories

of cries, of blood, of chaos

of what was once then me


I left you there in agony

a hapless, helpless sight

eternity in hell is mine

for what I did that night


now here I sit, my love is gone

the sun begins to fade

I feel the taste of lust once more

just playing with this blade



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