the long walk back

this might seem a simple journey

as the path, now grown familiar

was once cleared of its obstructions

by your long devoted labor


but these next few steps are heavy

weighted down in disappointment

as they retrace empty promise

in retreat of your ambition


every footfall fends frustration

as your failures, recommitted

in some thoughtful reinvention

draw their length onto this shadow


‘cross a slow, deliberate gauntlet

lay the shards of broken dreams

from beneath which taunting whispers

sit in poisoned pools of doubt


and the best of well-intentioned

will advise you to abandon

what they claim is mere self pity

and forego this long walk back


yet to simply change direction

or declare a new beginning

would, through that now left unfinished

take this loss beyond surrender


for at stake in every venture

there is more than in your purpose

as the ‘what’ you have desired

falls away to ‘who’ you are


and the soul, the very spirit

which breathes life to inspiration

while surviving your misfortune

is within this same exposed


revelation and creation

coexist in this unveiling

as your best and worst are bared

to a catalyst for change


it is now, if best can conquer

all the worst of weary sorrow

something more than first desired

is through resolution gained


for it’s here, along the gauntlet

‘mid its sometime painful lessons

you observe the distance traveled

and successes you’ve ignored


from the strength therein revealed

step by step the walk grows lighter

wounds thought mortal soon are healing

and your doubts begin to fade


weakness bleeds through this creation

as new character emerges

forged in greater faith and courage

to endure, pursue, prevail


this might seem the hardest journey

as the path, though grown familiar

sits in wait with new obstructions

and no longer cedes your dreams


but your steps, though first be heavy

will surmount that disappointment

with new promise and ambition

in a future of success.


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