we had a little dance

this pretty girl and I

drenched by rain and moonlight

beneath a darkened sky


a simple dinner date

a waiting list too long

while speakers on the roof

played Stewart’s ‘Motown Song’


reluctantly I led her

across a parking lot

as people covered by the eaves

observed our chosen spot


conscious of the audience

I stumbled quite a bit

embarrassed by my steps

I thought she’d like to quit


she looked at me and smiled

“are you not having fun?

rest your thoughts with me now, boy

I’ll tell you when we’re done.”


with that she held me closer

and moved our steps in line

by following the errors

I first had made in mine


from there we swept the asphalt

to music and to cheers

from couples who were laughing

enough to shed some tears


we missed out on our dinner

the ride home was a mess

but she and I now count this night

as one where we were blessed


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