an awkward proposal

in books they claim the mystery

is nothing more than chemistry

these elements called ‘you’ and ‘me’

reacting to a fantasy

of what our lives will someday be

if properly combined as ‘we’


it’s science, girl, it must be true

in fact, I think, I always knew

eventually I’d be with you

a thought, I think, that you shared too

though neither really thought it through

or contemplated an ‘I do’


but as it is, I think that I

cannot think of a reason why

we ought not now at least once try

to turn our souls loose to the sky

to give them wings, to let them fly

before our hopes and dreams all die


this really is all common sense

it’s just a new experience

to hearts so long perched on the fence

they fear all but indifference

until desires so intense

compel their futures now commence


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