criminal observations



operations of the mind

clouded by a powder

visions of a simple plan

visions of a desperate man

reach their zero hour


an unlit, empty driveway

a house that’s dark inside

a quick adventure thought

a quick escape is sought

so a window latch is pried


sleeping soundly in the room

Sally wakes to frightening sounds

a child torn from pleasant dreams

a child crying as she screams

silenced by 200 pounds


a tiny, lifeless body

left lying on the floor

John escapes before he’s seen

John escapes but at the scene

leaves his print upon a door


parents visiting a neighbor

hear their daughter’s piercing cry

rushing home, they find their child

rushing home, 9-1-1 dialed

agonized, they ask God why.





operations of the mind

clouded by a lack of sleep

visions of a simple plan

visions of a working man

out to catch another creep


a partial print is lifted

the clue leads to John Doe

police find John to question

police get a confession

it’s all they need to know


an indictment soon obtained

justice set upon its path

murder 1 is what they claim

murder 1 with John to blame

as the cause of Sally’s death


but the fervor is short-lived

as the trial is delayed

lawyers take long depositions

lawyers incite inquisitions

into how the case was made


soon errors in procedure

lead to evidence suppressed

as a part of John’s confession

as a part of that long session

should have stopped with John’s arrest.





operations of the mind

clouded by some inane rules

visions of 12 chosen folks

visions of judicial yokes

treated as if they were fools


a theory of the case is pressed

poor John is just a patsy

a druggie, felon and confused

a druggie, easy for the cops to use

wrongly held as all can see


no proof needed for this claim

to all accused, defense we grant

speculate, where’s DNA

speculate, John’s prints that day

were on file for the cops to plant


final arguments are heard

by the 12 left to decide

conspiracy is John’s chief claim

conspiracy, a simple frame,

everyone but John has lied


parents of a little girl

their faith in justice now at stake

wait in anguish down the hall

wait in anguish for a call

what choice will the jury make?



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