absent flowers

it is so quiet now

even the breeze lay resting

on the trees whose leaves turn

fallen colors of faded rust


the change has come again

in its natural order

an evolution of beauty

as prelude to our beginning


we are as the seasons

subject to the tides of time

souls in metamorphosis

revealing our many colors


and this is our autumn

for love does not begin in bloom

but in that attractive state

preceding its first winter


there is wonder everywhere

in those first promises

the kisses that seal them

and the dreams they inspire


it seems as much as spring time

but school is just beginning

and it will not be long before

we encounter cooler weather


I realized this tonight

in our april conversation

though I said nothing of it

as we spoke of absent flowers


such a marvelous bouquet

picked with truest intentions

tied with a ribbon of faith

in something more than most believe


let the snow fall as it will

we will try our way together

having known, if only briefly

the sweet fragrance of true love


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