the dancer

to all of life there is a rhythm

a measured pace of evolution

one whose ever changing tempo

calls and challenges the dancer


at its more common, moderate speeds

time allows for mastery of each lesson

from basic steps to those of wonder

filling the dancer with promise


inspired by the muse of its music

encouraged by those who lead or follow

the dancer grows in solitary skills

from which the beauty of dance emerges


suddenly, the steady heartbeat skips

its pulse deliberate, then chaotic

pressing against the patience and balance

of the dancer’s once confident core


amid this slow to swift frustration  

the simple turns of the everyday

can seem beyond individual talents

and leave the dancer unsteady


it is here, where it should all fall apart

from which the ballet draws its magic

as a brief but firm hand extends

centering the dancer’s shaky spin


it is no great or arduous feat

merely a routine act, done in kind

for the benefit of the dancer

often by a new acquaintance


but it is the all of the dance

the catalyst for spectacular change

freeing the dancer to take that greater risk

that which was the reason to dance at all


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