the wonder

in youth a simple song

could move my soul to dance

the prospect of a kiss arose

with every passing glance


through endless rows of trees

the wind would whisper tales

set upon my ship of dreams

and fill its empty sails


at times the song was sad

the kiss was bittersweet

the story disappointed

and dreams crashed at my feet


yet life was still a wonder

not viewed through microscopes

I marveled at the sunset

and sunrise gave me hope


it nearly was consumed

this wonder I once saw

by knowledge and its burdens

by science and the law


by video distractions

by all the things I bought

but wonder cannot be replaced

by toys or shallow thought


the human heart needs magic

the kind a child sees

in daily observations

while climbing taller trees


fear you’ve lost your wonder?

just take a look around

hidden in another’s eyes

is where it’s often found


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