what if your mind just took a trip

and some strange light turned on

and all you saw was never there

reality was gone


what if, for every single day,

this was your mind’s condition

seven, eight, or nine days out

without any cessation


visions of a frightening sort

upon my coffee table

a bloody-feathered fowl

whose gait appears unstable


followed by the reaper man

a figure dressed in black

treading in the pools of blood

that drip from this fowl’s back


sleep deprived delusions

they make me feel insane

the images appearing

quite foreign to my brain





a journey into madness

a walk across the sky

has brought me to you, woman

“can you tell me why?”


she, the ancient daughter

a maiden now a crone

placed her hand upon me

and made my heart her own


“he cries for you, your spirit”

this woman said to me

slowly turning westward

eyes closed to help her see


then counter moved the sun

and time began to fade

into a mere illusion

while in a trance she prayed


the hand upon my body

once bitter cold and aged

grew warm and gently softer

as passions in me raged





at once we stood together

in woods beside a brook

this beautiful young maiden

and I, whose heart she took


in earth she cast a circle

the sky turned black as night

as we consumed each other

performing the Great Rite


amidst our ecstasy

reciting magic runes

she summoned Mother Nature

by drawing down the moon


she told me, through the Goddess

I had a spirit guide

to lead me to a destiny

from which I’d sought to hide


“he travels from the other world

and sheds his blood for you”

she bade me seek his wisdom

to learn what next to do





alone I woke in silence

kneeling in the sun

a woman’s voice above me

whispered “it is done.”


from nowhere in this wasteland

the bloody fowl appeared

motionless, he lay beneath

the reaper man I feared


the creature surely dying

moved my soul to tears

so I approached my vision

abandoning my fears


I cleansed this gentle fowl

and let him drink of me

while quietly the reaper man

bowed submissively


tonight the drums will beat

a crowd will circle me

and some lost soul will whisper

for me to set them free


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