Saturday at 4am



though filled with inspiration

by her beauty and her grace

my desire’s rendered speechless

every time I see her face


in my silence I’ve examined

all consistent with the theme

that now orchestrates my thoughts

as they stir my heart to dream


yet the magic of her smile

and the glow upon her skin

fail to offer explanation

of what moves me from within


her charm, her wit, her intellect

impassioned traits reveal

but lend no further circumstance

or cause for what I feel


though each among these many gifts

are worthy by themselves to seek

of my particular pursuit

none of any combination speak


such allure I’ve seen in others

and none has moved me so

something more has animated

the passion I now know






in ancient eastern texts I read

of fires blazing in the soul

of alchemy and ecstasy

and their unique but common goal


it spoke to me of energy

a stunning bright inferno’s heat

forging spirits’ bonds so strong

one’s heart feels the other beat


my breath I drew once from that source

it warmed my blood to seal each kiss

the sacred wisdom of those words

I shared with few, but each knew bliss


then, in time, I lost my way

infatuation blinded me

simple momentary pleasures

soon were all my soul could see


new intentions cooled my blood

all ambitions turned to doubt

the gift of love, its mystery

faded as my flame went out


the consequences of these acts

went unnoticed as I aged

till I gazed into her eyes

stirring embers which once raged 






is it imagination

from which this dream is cast?

or has a phoenix risen

from the ashes of my past?


is it some sweet magic

some spark of the unknown

residing in her essence

from which this feeling’s grown?


is this the reason passion cries

whenever I am with her?

chasing all my words away

to leave my lips then quiver?


and what of her desires

do they contemplate forever? 

is the rapture of a soul mate

 what we’d find in time together?


the answers to these questions

remain unknown for now

but fires lit within my soul

will guide my heart somehow


and like the gallant knight of Poe’s

in search of Eldorado

I will heed the Shadow’s words

seeking love in each tomorrow


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