phantom girl

I saw Wordsworth’s girl last night

that phantom of his heart’s delight

whose starlit eyes

‘neath twilight skies

defined angelic sight


such beauty did this girl possess

this pixie in her long black dress

her every move

a soft, sweet, smooth

and sensuous caress


this dancing shape began to sway

and I heard Latin rhythms play

a salsa beat

its sound replete

with steps from her ballet


a spirit’s grace and countenance

was present in her circumstance

belied in part

by passion’s art

displayed within her dance


enraptured by this lady fair

this May-time girl of dusky hair

in act unplanned

I took her hand

and seemed to float on air


she drew me in and I could feel

the atmosphere, now turned surreal

envelope me

as it set free

the soul she would reveal


and as we swept across the floor

her character, her strength, and more

at closer view

shown clearly through

with reasons to adore


this apparition, heaven sent

this angel, who by God’s consent

became a part

of my own heart

for whose love she was meant


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