she sees no stars

she sees no stars within her eyes

to her, they’d have no business there

unimpressed by fragile traits

though hers may be beyond compare


she plays the ordinary girl

and seeks an ordinary life

something there I sense concealed

beyond ordinary strife


kept in check, restrained, withheld

her heart seems always left behind

each adventure carefully steered

through safe harbors in her mind


from a distance I approach

tripping, fumbling, just a fool

backward spins the hands of time

and I’m a boy again in school


awestruck by the very gifts

she has chosen to dismiss

all of me is all at once

rendered speechless, motionless


what to say, no, what to do

confused, I simply stand aside

with no words to reach her heart

or show her what I feel inside.


she sees no stars within her eyes

though I am blinded by their light

left to simply lie awake

and contemplate their course each night


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