a loving addiction

like a junkie on a morphine drip

I wait for that burning sensation

that anesthetizing fire

soothing my soul through its consumption


I can feel the fix as it’s readied

smoldering in her soft belly

building behind that purposeful smile

as her skin gently warms to my touch


wrecked by this anticipation

shaking to the visible point

I get lost in the quivering flame

held captive by those sparkling eyes


in a moment, all will be still

time suspending with my judgment

to create the fantasy void

which enables this addiction


the body rules this emptiness

where texture and taste are tempests

so craving their lascivious drug

they overwhelm all for which they are means


this is the worst infatuation

passion’s most intense synthetic blend

errantly spawned by the true desires

of a heart in love with being in love


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