the storm

another pretty lightning strike

has lit the sky offshore

but this is not a quiet storm

like most I’ve seen before


begun in silent beauty

its distance first concealed

a closer wind now gathers

as echoes are revealed


reverberating sounds

arising in the east

soon thunder with the rage

of some approaching beast


increasing in intensity

they roll across the sky

chasing after flashes

through clouds about to cry


the world begins to shake

with nature’s breath and tears

evoking deep emotions

as the cataclysm nears


and yet a passion’s raised

amid this savage noise

a strange exhilaration

which the hungry soul enjoys


for this is where it feeds

its lost disquiet heart

where courage, will, and wisdom

are forged for a new start


thank God for this harsh rain

its challenges, its strife

without it there’s no growth

or renewal in this short life


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