the midnight rain



you need no explanation

in your heart you always knew

this apocalyptic ending

was a prophecy come true


as you stand alone in silence

tasting cold and bitter tears

in a suicidal state

you recall the wasted years


when you thought the world was kinder

when true love was in your heart

now its all consumed by darkness

and your soul is ripped apart


so you gently draw the blade

you have forged through all this pain

contemplating your demise

as begins the midnight rain.





what compels this disposition

is a mystery unknown

from what seed of your emotion

is your self-destruction sewn?


is it anguish? your self-pity?

is it abject fear or shame?

on what form of human weakness

is it best to place the blame?


or could the fault lie elsewhere

with an external source

was it your friend or lover

who drove you to this course?


in the shadows, in the darkness

in the black hole now your brain

a figure slowly rises

as proceeds the midnight rain. 






the rationale’s convincing

your deed is not a sin

it merely wrecks the empty shell

you once resided in


the gift you once were given

others took away

it wasn’t your decision

that led your soul astray


through every twist and turn in life

you acted as you should

you passed the test, or so you thought

by motives pure and good


but now your strength is fading

warm red pours out your pain

and smiling at midnight

stands Satan in the rain.



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