somewhere between the dry and the damp

in the aftermath of a perfect light rain

the air seems unusually sweet

as if perfumed by nature’s renewal


it is a brief but precious moment

like your presence on Sunday afternoons

each having passed without fair notice

’til there spirit and fragrance converged


at the point of this coincidence

as you slipped, brushing across my body

I caught a glimpse of your smile

and felt the tempo of the world slow down


a gentle rush of warmer blood

seemed to reanimate my senses

lifting the dullness of life’s deliberate speed

to reveal the magic of its beauty


in the instant, two cycles were joined

by the common thread of rebirth

a cleansing of the earth and the soul

designed to ensure the growth of each


what a mastermind He is at this

these little trappings of the universe

and what a sense of humor in my case

that it be your slip that made me fall


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