two wrongs

years ago a body lay

upon this very spot

a runaway, disposable

a girl too soon forgot


she came here to escape her pain

and all the city lights

that hid the beauty of the stars

from each of us at night


she told me of this secret place

and shared with me a kiss

she spoke of dreams unendingly

so much of life she’d missed


despite the scars of harsh abuse

her soul was pure inside

she wished for love and worldly peace

until the night she died


they say the man who murdered her

was someone they all know

police had caught him once before

but had to let him go


another child’s bloody clothes

were found in his possession

when asked what was it he had done

he gave a full confession


yet all this proof was then ignored

by those who make our laws

because of claims it was obtained

without sufficient cause


some officers had moved in haste

their acts our courts condemn

but punishment for their mistakes

was never dealt to them


instead the bitter consequence

lay motionless right here

where justice failed a teenage girl

who I once held so dear


where did all our fairness go?

when did we lose sight

of the simple common phrase

two wrongs don’t make a right?


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