this is a moment

twisting across my fingers

your hand moved to a hold

though it felt out of step

it seemed intentional


I might have kept going

having missed so much else

always preoccupied

and thinking too much


but your hand said, “stop”

“this is a moment”

“listen to my touch

before it leaves you”


a caress whispering

of those possibilities

resting tentatively

in your unconscious thoughts


such a precarious thing

traversing the silent bridge

between uncertain desires

and learned apprehension


words cannot cross it

for they weigh too much

on minds already in doubt

of the questioned course


this is among life’s magic

that the brief, the fleeing

so easily lost to doubt

can be won with a smile


a lesson in all things

that the simple can be more

where the heart’s intent

escapes the mind’s reservation



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