in camera

everything is video

nothing’s in real time

life is merely images

recorded in the mind


much is in perception

your chosen point of view

altering the concepts of

reality and truth


now and then the picture

is captured as it seems

filtered through a bias

imposed by prior scenes


this can skew the focus

or angle of the lens

causing us to edit

significant events


sometimes it’s a blessing

a true survival tool

helping heal the consequence

of unintended wounds


but it can be a curse

addictive and abused

when for pure convenience

we recreate anew


altering the story

before its reached its end

blinds us to the gifts which lay

in nature’s true intent


no one knows the future

what changes time will bring

nightmares fade and dreams appear

as fast as we can blink


better then we limit

those alterations made

that compromise our vision

for just a moment’s sake


as in the sight we dread

one slated to be pitched

lay the road to paradise

we surely would have missed


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