all I want

I would have thought your question

so simple in its phrasing

yet so deep in its meaning

compelled an answer beyond me


what can anyone ‘want’ of another?

we cannot possess each other

or change the character of life

anymore then we can time or space


we may share ourselves, our lives

but we do so with many

absent the intimate bond

my soul seeks at the sight of you


upon reflection, it is this:

all I want is knowledge

the single precious possession

that breathes life into our emotions


I want to know you, all of you

to see your heart and soul as real

witness to their depths and shallows

to their beauty as well as their scars


I want to know the reasons

behind your smiles, sighs, and tears

to know the dreams that inspire

and the thoughts that leave you restless


I want to know the taste of your lips

the feel of your hair against my skin

and the sound of your measured breathing

as it loses its rhythm to passion


this is all I want, for it is all

sought not to possess or change you

but to enrich who and what you are

through which the same is achieved for me


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